About Us

Africa best traders is an AFRICA eCommerce company that is originated in Lesotho in 2018 December with internet success attracting and enthusiastic core of buyers and sellers of collectibles throughout the whole of Africa, antiques and used merchandise of all kinds. It's an e-commerce company that operates with web services that are modeled as government-to-citizen.

  • Consumer-to-consumer
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Business-to-government
  • Consumer-to-business
  • Government-to-business

It is registered with the ministry of trade and industry, cooperatives and marketing in Lesotho, and companies with all the relevant laws of the kingdom of Lesotho. We are committed to becoming a leading, and most reputable e-commerce company by maintaining a work ethic based on integrity, speed, and efficiency. Our aim is to always be engaged in research that identifies new quality methods that are cost effective. We endeavor to create an enabling environment for our clients through consultation, customer feedback, and continuous method improvement initiatives.